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Truck Wheel Alignment in Edmonton

Reliable Wheel Alignment Services Edmonton

Wheel Alignment Edmonton

Performing the appropriate wheel alignments means adjusting the suspension components of the trucks to ensure that the tire moves down the road in a straight light. Improper wheel alignments lead to ample inconsistencies like pulling to the right or left or shortening the life span of the tires.
With a deep understanding of the technical know-how of wheel alignments, our team of proficient professionals ensures no misalignment issues with an ultimately safer ride on the road.

SRB Equipment offers reliable truck wheel alignment services in Edmonton, leading to enhanced truck steering use, lower fuel economy, and reduced tire wear.


Wheel alignment service involves realigning the wheels so that the wheels are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.

Three elements contribute to the appropriate wheel alignment.

Caster refers to the wheel pivot’s angle attached to the suspension.
Camber: It is the measure of a perpendicular degree offset.
Toe: It is the angle of directional difference between the centreline and tires of the vehicle.

The truck’s front and rear wheels must be parallel to the tires beside and perpendicular to the ground. The appropriate wheel alignment can save the owners thousands in the long run while providing optimal vehicle performance.

Truck Wheel Alignment in Edmonton

Importance of Appropriate Wheel Alignment

The poor wheel alignment enhances the tire’s heat while making the engines perform even harder. The appropriate wheel alignment is essential because it:

  • Enhances the Fuel Efficiency

Misaligned wheels generally reduce the gas mileage leading to affecting the overall consumption. However, vehicle owners can save up to 11% on fuel by correcting this.

  • Enhanced Tire Life

Every minute misalignment leads to an average truck getting dragged 5 feet sideways per mile leading to a decreased lifespan. With the appropriate alignment, expect the tire lifespan increased by a minimum of 15%.

  • Smoother Ride

Whenever the tires are misaligned, the vehicle often tends to pull towards the right or left, producing a bumpy ride. Appropriate alignment assures a smoother ride experience.

  • Enhanced Steering

The improper wheel alignment also makes the steering hard to operate, leading to an enhanced accident chance. Getting it rectified assures a safe journey.

  • Fewer Repairs

Since improper wheel alignment can cause ample issues, performing it rightly can save you from additional investments in repairs.

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