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Truck Maintenance Services in Edmonton

Starting at $133/ hr.

Fast, valuable, and effective truck repairs at competitive prices!

Routine services and regular maintenance keep the vehicle engines and heavy-duty equipment a longer lifespan and guaranteed value. Our team of experts has in-depth and first-hand knowledge of repairing all types of heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, including dozers, cranes, excavators, rock trucks, dozers, and other machinery.

To ensure a high level of heavy-duty maintenance services, we continually stay updated with the latest tools and technologies to deliver quality services with the desired modern approach. With exclusive access to the latest tools, parts, and pieces of machinery, we have the ability to enhance your experience with quality and efficient heavy equipment repairs.

Are you looking for :

Heavy-duty truck repairs

Emergency repairs

Fleet maintenance

Wheel alignments

Engine repairs

Or any other! We have got it all covered!

Tire Maintenance Edmonton
Quality Repair Shop Edmonton

SRB Equipment — Your Regular Truck Services Partner!

Not only fixing the heavy-duty truck repairs, but our team of professionals is also dedicated to maintaining preventive and routine services leading to reduced breakdowns while running on the road and lesser financial investments.

Our team endeavors to deliver high-quality and value-for-money services, guaranteeing maximum productivity for the vehicle’s operations. And while maintaining the higher standard in the services with the utmost care, our safety programs are updated well with the higher environmental ethics, securing the vehicles and ecosystem for a longer run.

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Quality routine and repair services on the go!

More Services

High-Quality repair and rebuild services are now within reach!

Emission Service

Emission System Repair/Service

If you manage a fleet and your commercial truck has ample expenses, with exhaust and emission control and repair services, get the truck maintenance at optimal costs.

Cvip Edmonton

CVIP Inspections

Thorough CVIP inspections for heavy-duty truck and trailer repairs in California. Our team of experts will visit the site and conduct comprehensive CVIP inspections with utmost care.

Truck Engine Repair Edmonton

Engine Repair

Keeping the heart of your vehicle healthy and operational with quality engine repair and rebuild services. Our team is committed to getting your vehicle back on the road with excellent services and exceptional experience.

Happy Customers

Fast proficient and very professional.

Nick Bochanesky

SRB is a hidden jewel! This is where I get my CVIP’s, and any other repairs I need. Shaun has always been very thorough, and would advise if something is close to being replaced. Certainly would recommend this place!

Claude Lafond