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Truck Engine Repair in Edmonton

Starting at $133/ hr.

Offering Engine Repair Services For More Than Decades

SRB Equipment has specialized in Engine repairing from many years now! Engines are the heart of all vehicles that requires special attention and expertise.

We have brought this expertise with the help of our proficient professionals that are certified in delivering excellence to the vehicle’s heart with high-quality engine repair services.

Our team is committed to getting your truck back on the road with the following diesel engine repair services!

  • Engine Repairs
  • Engine Rebuild
  • Engine Blockage Repair
  • Exhaust and Emissions Control
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Turbocharger Repair
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Out Frame / In Frame Rebuilds
  • Major Engine Overhauls
    And Many More!

Some Indications Which Helps You To Know Your Engine Requires Repairing!

Do you know that engines also give indications that it needs repair?

Engines make considerable noise that can sometimes be complicated to deal with! Here are a few indications that your Engine needs repair!

Diminished Fuel Efficiency

The Engine gets difficult to start

Enhanced Oil Consumption

Noticeable power decrease

Excessive exhaust smoke

Rattling noise from the Engine

Trouble accelerating

Experiencing any of the issues? Connect today with Engine Repair Experts!

These can be strong indications that your Engine might require repair, and detecting these early can play an imperative role in the longevity and greater health of the Engine.

With the complete diagnosis of the engine issues and repair services, SRB Equipment provide preventive maintenance services to keep the engines working at optimal performance and save the owners from costly repairs later!

Truck Engine Repair
Diesel Engine Repair Edmonton

High-Quality Diesel Engine Repairs and Rebuilds

Being the truck engine repair and rebuild specialist in the Edmonton, our team of professionals is proficient in handling everything related to engine rebuilding and repairing, including cylinder heads maintenance, piston ring replacements, overhaul kits, and other services to make sure that the powered trucks run as smooth as new ones!

Get Professional help today!

Urgently require the truck repair services?
Or looking for regular heavy-duty maintenance only?
We have got it all covered!


Happy Customers

SRB is a hidden jewel! This is where I get my CVIP’s, and any other repairs I need. Shaun has always been very thorough, and would advise if something is close to being replaced. Certainly would recommend this place!

Claude Lafond

Great service, owner very personable. Reasonable pricing. I recommend this business to everyone.