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CVIP Inspection Edmonton

Starting at $133/hr.

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Edmonton

Commercial Vehicle Inspections require more expertise and knowledge than standard maintenance and repair services. As truck repair specialists, we have the technical know-how to deliver excellent inspection services.

Since CVIP inspections are done annually, and it is essential to get the safety inspection done with utmost care.

Cvip Inspection Edmonton

SRB CVIP Inspections

SRB Equipment is a complete one-stop solution for high-quality CVIP Inspections and heavy-duty truck and trailer repairs in Edmonton. Our team of experts visit the site and conduct CVIP inspections in every possible way to be assured that your vehicle receives the care and maintenance it requires and keeps the vehicle in an active state for the longer term.

Being mandated annual inspections, each CVIP inspection must be done every year to ensure preventive maintenance of the vehicle.

Why SRB Equipment?

We understand the importance and requirement of conducting CVIP inspections and also the consequences of not conducting one; that is why our professionals encourage us to get the vehicle inspected for a CVIP inspection. SRB Equipment facilitates with
  • Avoiding costly investments
  • Access to certified heavy-duty services professionals
  • Access to reliable heavy-duty repairs
  • Easy Mobile services access

And quality CVIP inspections are at your fingertips now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m Not Having Any Issues in My Truck? Do I Still Need an Inspection?

Yes, Inspections are not meant to address issues only. These are majorly for adopting the prevention and maintenance measures so that the vehicle does not experience any problems while running on the roads.

Does My Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicle Have to Be Inspected?

Yes, indeed! Heavy duty commercial vehicles must be inspected annually. CVIP inspections assure that the vehicle is occupied with all the preventive measures and keeps it safe for the long run.

What Does Alberta’s CVIP Program State?

Alberta’s CVIP program states that all commercial vehicles have a valid inspection certificate so that the commercial vehicle’s driver can produce the certificate at the investigator’s request.

How to Avoid Problems Down the Road

The best way to avoid problems down the road is to have the inspections in advance. This ensures the vehicle is checked and ready to run in its optimal state.


Our priority is to lessen your downtime and get your gear safe, inspected and get your heavy-duty equipment back on the road affordably.

Happy Customers

SRB is a hidden jewel! This is where I get my CVIP’s, and any other repairs I need. Shaun has always been very thorough, and would advise if something is close to being replaced. Certainly would recommend this place!

Claude Lafond

Great service, owner very personable. Reasonable pricing. I recommend this business to everyone.