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Truck AC Repair in Edmonton

Starting at $133/ hr.

Edmonton Truck AC Repair Service

Air conditioning systems within the vehicles do not produce cold air but generally eradicate heat from the air entering the system. The refrigerant used in the vehicles typically alternates between a liquid and gaseous state.

There exists a whole process behind the air conditioning functioning. SRB Equipment understands the technical know-how of the entire process and appropriately provides the repair services to keep the vehicle running on the road.

Signs Indicating Vehicles Require Air Conditioning Services!

  • The Air Conditioner is Not Cooling.

Mostly the air conditioner loses its cooling property due to lower refrigerant levels. This could be a strong indication that air conditioning requires repair.

  • Strange Noises Come Up When the Air Conditioner is on

Generally, the awkward noise comes from the vehicle when the compressor is not functioning the way it is required. However, this can be due to using the wrong lubricant or cross-contaminated refrigerant.

  • Moisture Inside The Vehicle

This could be a reason as the debris or moisture trapped in the air conditioning can also lead to the requirement to repair the air conditioning.

  • Leakage From The Air Conditioner

Leaking refrigerant can be dangerous and immediately needs to be addressed. With air conditioning repairs, this leakage issue can be addressed.

Truck Air Conditioning Repair Edmonton
Truck AC Repair

SRB Equipment – Your Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Partner!

Quality air conditioning repair services are now within your reach!

Our team of proficient experts has years of knowledge and combined experience to keep your vehicle ready to go. From commercial vehicle inspection services to engine repairs, emission control, and air conditioning repairs, we have got it all covered.


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