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Mobile Service Truck Edmonton

Starting at $133/ hr.

Mobile Truck & Trailer Edmonton

Truck failure doesn’t always happen on a friendly location, and not your mechanic stays with you where you go, so leverage the mobile service truck from SRB Equipment.

At SRB Equipment, we bring you reliable roadside truck repair and a mobile mechanic. Wherever and whenever you need us with mobile service trucks for medium and heavy-duty trucks, we are always here to help you. Our team is fully equipped with the most current tooling, technology, and warranty expertise to facilitate Edmonton’s most advanced roadside truck repair service.

Why Use SRB Equipment as a Roadside Truck Repair Service?

  • On-Site Repairs
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • All Makes and Models
  • Avoid costly tow bills
  • 24/7 Repair service
  • Extensive Medium- and Heavy-Duty Truck Parts Inventory

Stuck on the road at midnight with your damaged truck and want a mobile truck repair? We come to you fast with our exceptional mobile truck repair service. Our vehicle is equipped to handle various services, including preventative maintenance, recalls, DOT inspections, and many other repairs!

We keep data from all previous maintenance roadside vehicle failures, so we can always send reliable support according to your need. You will also get to speak to our experienced mechanic before we dispatch our squad. Moreover, our staff members will ask questions about the brand of vehicle parts and tires you prefer, so we can offer solutions that work best for you.

When we come out, we have the wholly equipped vehicle and expertise to deal with today’s modern engines, whether a simply forced regen or a complete replacement of turbos. We can do most repairs on-site as long as it is safe.


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Emergency Roadside Assistance

If you’re experiencing truck failure on the roadside and don’t have the right tools or knowledge to repair it, we are available to help get you back on the road. No matter where you are and when. Contact our mobile service team for 24/7 emergency roadside assistance on all truck and trailer makes and models across Edmonton. We are not limited to Edmonton only. Equipped with factory computer diagnostics software for Western Star Trucks, Mack Trucks, Hino Motors, ISUZU, Kenworth, Volvo, and more, we’re able to:

Truck Engine Repair: We are certified to conduct roadside truck engine repairs on semi- and heavy vehicles. From a minor problem to a significant motor rebuild on your truck engine, our staff are fully experienced for any diesel or electric engine repair. We ensure replacement parts are quickly made available, and your truck is back on the road where it belongs.

Mobile Tire Repair: When road hazards wreck your tires, don’t waste your time looking around for tire repair service. Don’t spend money on an unwanted tow, and don’t cause further damage driving on a flat. Our mobile tire repair service can come straight to you wherever trouble strikes.

Mobile Trailer Repair: Lift gates, reefer units, hydraulics, and exhaust parts can all create a need for trailer repairs. Keep the trailer working while delivering emergency goods on schedule with our mobile trailer repair services.

Lockout:The situation can ruin your delivery schedule when you cannot unlock your truck for some reason. The quick solution is to call SRB Equipment. We have the expertise and tools to unlock a door.

Battery Jump-start or Boosting: If you are stuck in the middle of a road and your vehicle battery dies, you need to jump-start. You can call us. We provide emergency responses for battery-related issues. Our team can resolve your battery issues or can replace the old battery in your truck to permanently fix the problem.

Mobile Service Truck Near Me

Our large fleet of heavy-duty mobile service trucks primarily serves the Edmonton area; however, we are helping clients in many other cities and states upon request. You can contact us to know whether we operate in your city or state. You can contact us by filling out the form on the SRB Equipment or by calling 780-447-0600. Our team is always ready to hear from you when you have a query or need roadside assistance. We are available 24/7 to help you.

Mobile Service Truck Advantage

When you need service on the road or in the field, our mobile service truck can be the solution you are looking for. SRB Equipment is ready to go the extra mile by offering our highly skilled mechanics to work at your location — as many as you need for as long as you need them. They can perform all levels of service work, from standard preventive maintenance services to engine repair and more. Moreover, our mechanics bring all the necessary tools and equipment and follow all safety guidelines when performing truck repairs at your location.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Service Truck Include:

  • Saves bills on towing services
  • Back to the road faster than onsite service
  • Offers online assistance for minor repairs
  • No need to do hard work to find a mechanic
  • Will get experienced mechanic easily

Looking For #1 Mobile Truck Services Near You?

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Some of the most common frequently asked questions people generally have in their mind while approaching mobile service truck Edmonton.

What Kind of Experience Do Your Mobile Service Truck Mechanics Have?

After listening to your problem, we only send fully certified heavy-duty technicians according to your needs. We don’t send our tire repair team to your clutch repair problem to make money.

What Type of Equipment Do Your Mobile Service Trucks Carry?

We only send fully equipped service trucks with the most common or popular truck repair parts. SRB Equipment built its reputation over the past seven years on resolving truck drivers’ breakdowns on the road quickly, efficiently, and affordably. This reputation is based on the backbone of a large inventory and knowledgeable heavy-duty technicians.

How Long Does The Mobile Service Truck Reach its Location?

This depends on the type of truck that needs repairing and how far you are from us. We are very conscious of your needs and respect your downtime. SRB Equipment tries to troubleshoot and anticipate potential parts before we come to ensure a smooth experience.

Do You Offer 24-Hour Emergency Truck Repair Service?

Yes, we do! We offer 24/7, complete heavy-duty mobile repairs for any roadside emergency. Our fully equipped team can come to you anytime to ensure you get the best service at an affordable rate!

What If You Don’t Have The Parts To Fix My Truck on The Roadside?

We have an extensive inventory that is filled with old-model truck parts as well as new-model truck parts. That’s why SRB Equipment can anticipate most repairs. That will save you expensive downtime and money waiting for a piece from other city shops.

What Commercial Truck Models Do You Repair?

We here at SRB Equipment repair all the most common trucks and trailers on the side of the highway. Some of these are Western Star Trucks, Mack Trucks, Hino Motors, ISUZU, Kenworth, Volvo, and more.
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