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Even truckers or fleet owners who always stay on top of their truck maintenance experience breakdowns and unexpected problems on the road. When breakdowns happen, you need a truck repair shop that will address all your needs and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

The fleet manager knows the importance of reliable repairs and maintenance of their fleet because they have customers waiting on them who expect timely deliveries. Moreover, trucking companies can’t delay repairs because they carry the goods that keep our economy going. So, their truck fleet must be in excellent condition at all times.

So there’s no doubt that every trucking company needs a truck repair shop. These points will surely change your perspective if you are still in doubt.

Cost-Effective Repairs

A truck repair shop saves you the extra cost you might incur from outsourcing to other shops or towing from one location to another. When you have all your repairs done in one place, they’re better able to give you a lower quote. If you choose a shop that outsources, even though you think you’re getting one quote, you’re getting from different truck repair shops. It could ultimately be more expensive. The more people and repair shops involved in the process, the more expensive your repair job is likely to get.

More Reliability

The shop can diagnose the problem and prevent future issues with greater clarity because the same people are constantly dealing with the same trucks and drivers.

An outsourced shop would need to collect a new set of details for the repair and would only know prior work performed if it was documented. Moreover, they must familiarize themselves with the company’s drivers or rules and regulations. In emergencies, a reliable truck repair shop works harder than an outsourced shop would help the driver.

More Repair Options

Trucking companies that have dedicated truck repair shops have the flexibility to offer everything their truck driver might need. A dedicated truck repair shop provides the following:

  • Complete truck and trailer repair
  • Collision and damage repair.
  • Electrical service and computer diagnostics.
  • Welding.
  • Tire service.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Emergency roadside assistance and much more.

Having a truck repair shop helps the repair time decrease, the scheduling is more accessible, and the cost is less for the company.


When you have a dedicated truck repair shop, it makes it easier for you to monitor general repairs and maintenance. With all the repairs being handled in one location, that shop has an up-to-date record of repairs done, when, and by whom. Checking on your repairs takes just one phone call, and your technician should be able to give you a comprehensive list of everything that’s going on.

Quality Control

Choosing the right truck repair shop for your truck helps is an integral part of your career success. A dedicated truck repair shop fully understands the ins and outs of your vehicle or fleet and all the repairs associated with the job. When truck repair shops understand all aspects of your repair, they can better carry out quality control on your truck and ensure the entire process is completed correctly. They can more easily decide which repair elements are a priority and what should be worked on first, rather than calling you repeatedly.

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance on one truck is easy enough to manage, but maintenance can seem extremely difficult if you have a fleet you are in charge of. Not regularly preventive care can wear and tear your truck parts. If even one truck is out of commission, it can cause a lot of delivery or timing issues for your company.

With a truck repair shop, they will pre-schedule all of the truck preventative maintenance appointments and make sure you are on top of everything for your fleet.

Help Anywhere You Are

A repair shop conveniently located next to you means you are never far away from help. You know the route to take. You know how long it takes to get there. When using a truck repair shop for your company, you can ensure that the truck receives service before hitting the road.

Save time

In trucking, if you aren’t moving, you aren’t making money. There is no need to travel to repair a truck across the city, pay for travel to and from, and wait for them to familiarize themselves with the truck’s history, all while sitting still and not making money. You can choose your truck repair shop near you and handle any repair from engine repair to wheel alignment. It will surely give you some more time to deliver your goods.

Get Back on the Road as Fast as Possible

There are plenty of reasons why it is essential to have a truck repair shop at your disposal. You can keep your trucks in premium condition, save money and time, and maintain customer satisfaction. When you choose SRB Equipment as your truck repair shop, we can help you maintain your trucks and repair anything that needs to be fixed.

Break down on the road? No problem. We offer roadside assistance. SRB Equipment’s mobile service truck repair provide the best solution for all your repair needs on the roadside. Give us a call today so that we can become your reliable truck repair shop.