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The steering and suspension systems are essential for your safety and comfort because the suspension system holds up your truck and the load you’re carrying. In contrast, the steering system keeps your vehicle between the lines.

Challenging driving conditions can wear and tear your suspension and steering systems. The components associated with those systems, such as struts, shocks, and control arm bushings, will weaken over time. A weak component creates instability in road handling, loss of ride control, and drivability which can lead to mishaps.

Regular maintenance of steering and suspension systems by a truck repair shop will alert you to problems before they become major issues that leave you stranded on the side of the road.

When Should You Get Your Steering and Suspension Systems Inspected?

Your steering and suspension system should be examined whenever you hit significant milestones. Like all other systems on your truck, your steering and suspension systems need Preventive maintenance. The best times to examine your steering and suspension system are:

  • Every 70,000 miles.
  • When your tires are replaced.
  • When your brake system is serviced.
  • A visual inspection should be performed when the oil and filter are changed.
  • If you observe fluid leaking.
  • As part of your annual service, you can also inspect because time deteriorates rubber and hydraulic components.

However, if you are met with an accident or feel any difference in your steering and suspension after any accident, in that case, the entire steering and suspension systems should be inspected for damage.

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Signs of Faulty Suspension and Steering Systems

Inspect your steering and suspension systems if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • It is driving over when your truck doesn’t have enough suspension to absorb the bump. Moreover, when your truck repeatedly bounces after going over a bump in the road.
  • When your commercial truck hits a bump, the wheels turn right or left without the driver turning the steering wheel.
  • When rounding a corner, your truck’s rear or front loses traction.
  • When you feel stiff steering that doesn’t seem to be working, and you feel difficult to turn your steering wheel.
  • When you feel the steering is now too easy and feels sloppy.
  • When driving, your truck pulls to one side or seems to wander down the road.
  • Steering wheel jerks or vibrate at irregular intervals
  • When you drive at a constant speed, your steering wheel starts to wobble from side to side.
  • When you hear noises when turning a corner or from the power steering unit

Who Can Inspect Your Steering and Suspension Systems?

Inspecting steering and suspension systems requires expertise and a range of specific tools. As these systems are critical to your safety, we recommend you consult only experts. If you feel your truck needs to be inspected or it is time for routine maintenance, you should take it to SRB Equipment. We have the proper diagnostic equipment and expertise for steering and suspension systems.

At SRB Equipment, caring for your trucks is our business. Our truck and trailer repair shop in Edmonton is committed to providing quality, cost-effective commercial vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Bottom Line:

It’s a good idea to schedule preventive maintenance of your steering and suspension systems. It is usually easier, cheaper, and safer to discover and fix a problem in the early stages. Regular maintenance ensures issues don’t occur, so ensure your commercial truck is maintained regularly. At SRB Equipment, we will create a regular maintenance schedule that works for you. Visit us for more details.