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Heavy truck drivers are well aware that regular truck maintenance, repair of truck parts, and replacements of some parts will keep their vehicles running smoothly. A normal vehicle might not need much replacement, but one cannot risk it when it comes to heavy-duty driving trucks.

To ensure the smooth working of vehicles, drivers can opt for the replacement of truck parts or a regular inspection in a truck repair shop by a truck mechanic.

Some truck parts are essential to be replaced after a certain period to avoid any huge problems and accidents in the vehicle.
We have listed down the truck parts that are essential to be replaced to maintain the performance and life of your trucks.

Common Parts Of Trucks That Are Needed To Be Replaced

Every truck vehicle has different requirements, and their performance or parts life may change depending on various factors. To ensure that your truck parts need replacement, you must ensure it with proper assessment. Know which parts need replacement.

1. Brake Pads

Brakes are essential parts of a truck and one of the crucial ones too. Brake pads are often subject to replacement due to its not so lasting quality. Brake pads are subject to replacement every 3-5 years, depending upon their use. The replacement period may be longer for regular trucks, but for heavy-duty trucks, it becomes more frequent to change them. The stop-and-go traffic for brake pads is the worst and bad for vehicles. You cannot compromise on brake pads as you cannot risk your safety.

2. Tires

After brakes, tires are the most crucial part of truck safety. You might have seen tire blown-up cases on the highway often, and you don’t want to be in that. The condition of the tire often depends upon the usage. The more you use it the more it will lose its grip on the road.
To increase the life of the tire, rotate your tire regularly and inspect them with the help of professionals.

3. Clutch Parts

The clutch is connected to the gearbox and engine. You tend to use it in manual transmission systems. This allows you to change gears and have a smooth ride easily. Therefore, if a clutch is not working smoothly, it can cause extensive damage to the transmission system.
Heavy-duty trucks often need to be replaced due to the overload or discharge of the clutch. To avoid damage to the clutch, follow this:
Gear switching needs to be done quickly
Switching to neutral when the truck is stopped even for a while
Park your truck with the help of the handbrake and not on the gears

4. Water Pumps

Water Pumps are cooling components to make the engine cool without overheating and preserving its safety. The cooling liquid keeps flowing in the engine, which enables the prevention of overheating. If the pumps are not regularly inspected and replaced, it can cause damage to the engine, which can damage the whole working of the truck.

5. Headlights

Headlights can get damaged due to constant flickering or due to their relay. The signs that your truck headlights need to be replaced are that they get dim or flicker automatically. Headlights decide the safety of the journey, especially during the night. Truck drivers must regularly check the headlights to avoid accidents or damage.

Checking and Maintenance Of The Truck Parts

Replacement cannot always be a solution for the working of the vehicle. Different parts of trucks have different working systems and smooth working life. Some may tend to give up earlier than others. In such a case, maintaining the vehicle regularly and getting it inspected from time to time is very important.

SRB equipment has been providing repair and maintenance services with the best-equipped tools and mechanics. We also have the CVIP inspection for in-depth inspection and qualified mechanics that can understand your truck’s condition well and suggest replacement or repair.

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