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If you’re a truck owner or fleet manager, you know that staying ahead of the game is crucial. When it comes to heavy-duty trucks, Peterbilt can be a valuable option. These trucks are known for their incredible size, strength, and power – and if you own one, you must take care of it properly.

So, if you want to ensure your trucking operation is running at its best with Peterbilt, consider investing in preventive maintenance. By staying proactive with maintenance checks and servicing, you can ensure that your Peterbilt continues to deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Follow the Peterbilt truck maintenance checklist below to keep your vehicle in top condition and prevent avoidable repairs and downtime.

What Is The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Peterbilt Trucks?

If a component fails on the road, you can end up in an accident that hurts you or others on the road. When you get your Peterbilt for regular inspections, you can decrease the likelihood of component failures.

Having your Peterbilt inspected regularly prevents minor issues from becoming major issues that require a lot of time and money to fix.

Preventative maintenance also helps technicians spot things that could become an issue soon or minor issues that can easily become major. For example, a minor oil leak that could’ve been cleaned up easily becomes a massive problem after ignoring it. Moreover, if the oil isn’t changed regularly, the engine may lose its power, eventually leading to expensive emissions issues.

If you have a warranty failure, you must have the maintenance records to prove that you’ve been maintaining your truck. The Peterbilt company will look at your maintenance records and see that you didn’t come in for regular maintenance. They can void the warranty coverage by mentioning that you failed to maintain your truck.

What If You Neglect The Maintenance Of Your Peterbilt?

  • It can reduce the lifespan of your Peterbilt truck.
  • It increases the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns, leading to costly repairs, downtime,
  • Potential delays in delivery schedules.
  • Neglecting Peterbilt truck maintenance can also result in safety hazards for the driver and other road users.

Expert Advice To Maintain Your Peterbilt Truck Like A Pro.

Maintaining your Peterbilt truck is crucial to ensure its performance and longevity. Here are the Peterbilt truck service intervals based on expert recommendations and best practices

Grease job

Grease the critical component of Peterbilt every 20,000-25,000 miles. It will lubricate the components and reduce the wear and tear of your engine components.

Oil change

You must change your oil every 50,000 miles, using 10w30 semi-synthetic oil. This interval is critical for maintaining the health of your engine, as oil serves as a lubricant, coolant, and cleaner for various engine components.

Fuel system maintenance

You must replace the Fuel water separator and fuel filter with every oil change to prevent contaminants from entering the engine.

Air filter replacement

Replace your Peterbilt air filter every 90,000 – 100,000 miles. It will help your engine breathe fresh air, ensuring optimal engine performance.

Air dryer coalescent filter

Replace the air dryer coalescent filter every 150,000 miles. If you neglect this filter replacement, you may face emission system-related issues.

Air system maintenance

You must drain your air tanks daily. It will help you prevent moisture buildup in the air system, which can damage transmission and emissions components.

Verify tire pressures

Any trucker will tell you that tire pressure is critical to check often in your large truck. You must maintain the optimal tire pressure to avoid uneven wear, maximize fuel economy, optimal braking, and provide optimum traction ability.

Inspect your brakes

When driving heavy machinery like Peterbilt or carrying a full load, ensure you can get stopped safely. Check your brakes regularly and replace them when they reach the lifespan. You can also look for even wear side to side and front to back. It can signal that your brake system isn’t balanced and requires repairs to provide correct braking performance.

Check your battery and electrical system regularly

Long-distance driving puts your truck’s electrical system to the test. It is good to add your battery and electrical system to your preventative maintenance list for a yearly check. If you operate in colder climates, check your battery before winter to avoid charging problems.

Keep your vehicles clean

Regularly wash your truck. Not only will it be a clean vehicle to drive, but it will also benefit your fleet. It’s easier to spot rust or other problems during the cleaning process. In addition to regular maintenance to your Peterbilt, you may wish to include regular cleaning in your maintenance plan.

Is Routine Maintenance Of Peterbilt Expensive?

Routine maintenance is affordable, especially when you compare it with the costs of a breakdown. It generally will cost you around $100 to $450 per session. Inspection of major components, greasing, etc., will cost you around $100, while repairs will cost you $450.

Let’s find out: If you forgot the regular maintenance, how much do you have to pay for the breakdown? Generally, tow truck companies charge between $250 and $500 just to hook up a truck to their nearest shop. Here, prices will vary according to the distance to the nearest truck repair shop. And that doesn’t include the repairs your truck needs. The repair cost will be huge. You need a critical repair because your truck broke down in the middle of nowhere.

How Do I Create A Peterbilt Maintenance Schedule?

Follow the Peterbilt maintenance guide by the manufacturer or your trusted truck repair shop. Both can recommend the optimal time to schedule your regular maintenance. You can find it yourself by tracking vehicle mileage and engine hours.

You can also consider maintenance management software or mobile apps designed for truck fleet management. These tools can help automate the scheduling process, track maintenance tasks, and send reminders for upcoming maintenance activities.

Preventive Maintenance With SRB Equipment

To maximize the benefits of your truck maintenance schedules strategy, you need a professional Peterbilt truck care like SRB Equipment.

We take pride in sharing that we have an experienced and professional team of truck mechanics for the maintenance and repair of heavy-duty trucks like Peterbilt.

Our professionals deliver high-quality and value-for-money truck maintenance services, guaranteeing maximum productivity. While maintaining a higher standard, our safety programs are updated well, securing the vehicles for the long run.

Moreover, SRB Equipment follows manufacturer-recommended procedures and guidelines to maintain your trucks in optimal condition.

Partner with SRB Equipment and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your fleet is well-maintained and ready to tackle any challenge that comes its way.

Bottom Line

Peterbilt is indeed a heavy machine to drive. It drives efficiently with regular maintenance. It’s not about the Peterbilt. Every truck, semi-truck, or vehicle needs to go for preventive maintenance at regular intervals. By following the above Peterbilt maintenance tips, you can easily reduce the breakdowns. Contact SRB Equipment for the truck maintenance best practices. Don’t wait for the breakdown, call us now!