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While working as a trucker, your vehicle and trailer need to be in top-notch form to ensure you can get every job done on time while staying safe on the road. An unmaintained vehicle or trailer can lead to a breakdown at regular intervals.

A trailer breakdown in the middle of the road is the worst thing for a driver, mainly if you deal in a carriage business. Stranding at remote destinations can delay the fleet, causing a loss for the company. However, choosing a company providing mobile trailer repair in Edmonton can help you through such situations. This blog lists some of the top benefits of associating with a mobile trailer repair company.

It Can Reduce The Amount of Downtime.

When you choose a mobile truck repair service to repair your trailer, you let the experienced mechanics come to you. You don’t need to figure out where the nearest truck and trailer repair shop is, nor do you need to spend time being towed there. With exemplary service, mechanics can get to work immediately so your trailer can be ready to use again.

No Need To Schedule an Appointment

Booking appointments can be time-consuming sometimes. When your trailer needs roadside assistance, you need instant assistance. You can call for help from a mobile service truck without worrying about making an appointment or waiting in line to get the required support.

Help With Maintaining Your Trailer

Apart from roadside assistance, you can hire a mobile trailer repair service to look at your trailer in between jobs. Mechanics will look over your trailer, including the vehicle, and determine if any maintenance or repairs need to be done. Mobile mechanics can bring all their equipment to ensure your vehicle is in good condition and ready to hit like a new truck.

It’s Convenient

No doubt, breakdowns are inconvenient, but mobile trailer repair services ensure you have access to the services you need as soon as possible. Mobile service trucks decrease your need to tow your vehicle to the truck repair shop. They are equipped with a range of spare parts, so you don’t have to wait for your truck’s part to arrive.

Get a Variety of Repairs and Replacements

Whether you’re dealing with an engine failure, flat tires, or any other repair, your trailer will be repaired quickly. You don’t need to go to a shop to get your trailer fixed. While certain repairs may require a tow to a shop, mobile trailer mechanics can fix most of the repairs on the roadside.


Since you don’t need to tow your truck to the truck repair shop, a mobile trailer repair service is a highly cost-effective solution. Plus, there will be less downtime in general. Since time is money, the sooner you can get back on the road, the better.

Contact SRB Equipment for Mobile Trailer Repair Services.

Are you stranded with your damaged truck? Contact SRB Equipment can help. We offer mobile tailor repair services in Edmonton. SRB Equipment is here to help, providing fast, affordable, and effective roadside assistance services and repairs when you need us most. Our services have many valuable benefits for your business and vehicles. Give us a call, and we’ll send experienced mechanics with good spare parts inventory to your location as soon as possible. Our service allows us to focus on more complex repairs while saving you money.


A breakdown can easily affect your delivery schedule and even the reputation of your business.
When your trailer needs roadside assistance, it can get in the way of the amount you can earn. Fortunately, with mobile trailer repair, you can avoid hefty bills. Call us today to learn more about our mobile trailer repair service. We’ll be happy to explain various options and ensure your trailer gets the necessary maintenance.