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Engine rebuilding leaves little room for mistakes due to the required precision work. Most of the time, there are no second chances, and Making mistakes often leads to extra work or catastrophic failure where everything ends up being frustrated. Engine rebuild takes time, patience, budget and a professional mechanic.

Thankfully, SRB Equipment is here to save you time, money and headaches. SRB Equipment specializes in diesel truck engine repair in Edmonton. Engines are the heart of any vehicle that requires special attention. We have compiled the three mistakes you make while rebuilding a heavy-duty truck engine. These tips will simplify the task for you.

1. Need to Take Accurate Measurements.

As with any significant or complex truck engine repair, the core of the repair lies in small details, especially on an engine rebuild. Taking precise measurements is crucial for ensuring that everything will come together and work seamlessly.

Regarding measurements, minor components need to be measured with care and accuracy. Cleaning and inspecting all components for racks and flaws is the best practice.

After these general inspections, move forward and bring out various gauges and micrometres combined with patience. Do it carefully because irregular wear will significantly impact the results, so you may be required to gauge at different points or angles.

2. Not Having a Clean and Organized Environment.

Rebuilding heavy-duty engine requires lots of tools, so it’s common to have stacks of components and parts spread around. Spreading tools and parts will create a complex situation that will increase your chances of wasting time looking for tools. It’s a good idea to plan out your workspace carefully before starting the engine rebuild or truck engine repair .

Two common things that spread around the engine rebuild areas quickly, i.e. tools and fluids.


Assign specific storage locations for each type of tool you may use. Then make a habit of putting it back in it’s their original location immediately after the work is completed. Any tool no longer necessary should be placed back in its storage area. This is a simple but time-saving practice. As a result, you may be sure that even little tools will not be misplaced or forgotten in engine internals.


Fluids are also something that needs to be handled carefully in the workspace. It’s an accidental fluid spill and should be cleaned quickly. Forgetting an oil puddle might be both hazardous and costly because if it spreads, it might also cover tools or other components. Moreover, the result could be very slippery and result in injury.

Discipline is mandatory to stay safe and waste no time searching for tools. It is advisable to clean at the end of each day, placing all tools back in the proper location and checking for any missing parts. Quite simply, this makes the engine rebuild a little earlier.

3. Not taking a video when dismantling your engine

There was a time when you had to write or remember every part location while doing truck engine repair. When dismantling heavy-duty engines, taking a video of the process has shown to be reasonably practical and helpful during the rebuild. This is because it’s hard for humans to remember all the screws, covers, fasteners, wires, connections, and gaskets. There are lots of things in the heavy-duty truck engine.

It’s easier than ever to get overwhelmed and forget something. So it’s good to record a video while dismantling the engine or truck engine repair. Moreover, there are many articles and how-to videos available on the internet. You can also take help from there.

Bottom Line:

Make sure you avoid committing any of these mistakes when you work on rebuilding your diesel truck engine. These tips will also allow you to get the maximum out of an engine rebuilding job. Any complex repair needs a professional. SRB Equipment – A heavy-duty truck repair shop with years of experience and is well-known in Edmonton.