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If you are a Commercial truck owner, let us tell you, there is a lot that goes into this other than simply Purchasing a fleet and just booming it on the road for business. By this means, we mean keeping the proper Maintenance of your truck.

Timely Heavy Duty truck Maintenance Service can take your truck and business a long way. Indeed, Purchasing an Elite truck is costly, and such investment would be worthy only if the truck gives A-class performance and yields excellent business for several upcoming years.

If you are clueless about what regular truck maintenance service is and why it is necessary, read this blog till the end.

What is Regular Truck Maintenance?

“Truck Maintenance” is a superior service that is part of the advanced truck management approach.

In order to increase the lifespan of commercial trucks, through regular inspections, specially designed professionals perform maintenance activities under the “Routine Truck services.”

By utilizing these inspections, regular vehicle maintenance can help you identify any complications related to your truck before these become too expensive and problematic to repair.

What is Done On Routine Truck Maintenance?

It is very important for your truck to go through necessary service timely. During the first visit, depending on the truck age and other factors, the service providers will tell after how long your truck will need the next maintenance.

Usually, the professionals go through various inspections like:

  • All engine oil, filters, and transmission fluid levels
  • Auxiliary vehicle systems
  • Body, seat belts, glass, mirrors, seat structure
  • Exterior and interior lights
  • Fuel system
  • Tires, wheels, rims, undercarriage, and frame
  • Suspension and Steering system
  • Exhaust system
  • Oil pressure
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • All mounts, belts, drive shafts, CV joints and hoses
  • Engine tune-up
  • Electrical systems
  • Braking system
  • and much more.

Truck owners can discuss what is covered under their regular service plans with the service provider. If you are looking for the best heavy duty maintenance service Edmonton, you can contact SRB Equipment.

What Are The Benefits of Regular Truck Services?

Less Unexpected Downtime

If you choose routine truck services, surely your vehicle will always stay in sound condition. Due to this, you can avoid abrupt situations where the vehicle might need unexpected repairs and affect your business flow. Therefore, following regular maintenance, you won’t face unexpected downtime.

Driver’s Safety:

As a truck owner, your employee, or we must say the truck driver, must be satisfied that you are concerned about their safety and save them from any inconveniences. By routine truck services, you can save your truck driver from problematic situations like stopping in the middle of the road, Breaks failing to lead to accidents, etc.

Good vehicle maintenance will naturally make your employee feel valued and safe.


By scheduling maintenance services in advance per your convenience, you can save a lot of time in the future. This little time investment in service will keep the truck’s equipment, straps, winches, etc., in smooth condition and give better efficiency. Further, it is a fact that unexpected repairs take a lot of time if the truck owner is not following routine checkup.

Raise Credibility:

When your vehicle goes out of operation due to unexpected repairs, of course, your clients face delays. If this happens more than usual, the client loses faith in the truck service and doubts the quality. Following such scenarios, you won’t be able to keep clients for longer, which will affect your business.
However, by regular services, you can avoid such delays by keeping your fleet 24*7 in working condition. With this, your business can attain respect in the industry that your services are punctual and the finest.

Fuel Save:

It is evident that by regular maintenance, your trucks will stay in quality condition and save fuel in the long run. Inspections and procedures like timely filter and oil changes will boost miles per gallon of oil. Not only the oil change but the wheels maintenance also contributes to boosting fuel efficiency.

Even in some instances, truck owners have reported their truck’s fuel efficiency has risen by 45% with just timely preventive truck maintenance.
When everything comes down to business, fuel savings contribute to an excessive extent in raising profits.

Extend Lifespan Of Your Vehicle

Proper inspection of truck parts, like checking tire pressure, fluid levels, Braking system, etc., contributes to increasing the truck’s safety, indirectly the truck’s lifespan. It will also prepare your vehicle for emergency and unpredictable situations.

All these factors will eventually give you peace of mind and prepare your truck for whatever unpredictable might happen.

You can understand this by considering an example; if you won’t invest in regular maintenance, the wheels eventually wear off and can lead to accidents. However, routine maintenance can save you from this and provide you peace of mind regarding such safety.

Is it Mandatory to Choose Regular Truck Maintenance?

Under regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA,) motor carriers should run programs to ensure the vehicle is in a safe situation to run on the road. This guideline is part of collective vehicle check, Maintenance, and necessary repair.

Although the FMCSA hasn’t exactly mentioned the period after which the inspections are required, it is evident that the motor carrier must timely check, Maintenance, and repair necessary based on the vehicle’s situation.

Here comes “Regular Truck Maintenance” into the picture for the truck owners. Following the Regular Truck Maintenance by specialized service providers, you can schedule Truck Maintenance timely and definitely follow the FMCSA guidelines.