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A low-performance truck consumes your time, money, and your customer rates. Customers are very impatient about their deliveries. They want their goods as soon as possible, and a low-performance truck can easily restrict your abilities.

Trucks are known for their power, and If your truck isn’t functioning to its maximum capacity, it’ll be challenging to take it to the next level. There are many ways to maximize it. SRB Equipment is back with exciting ways to maximize the trucks’ performance. Below are some tips which help to boost your truck’s performance.

Maintaining Your Truck

When it comes to increasing the performance of a truck, your closest buddy is the routine maintenance. It is the simplest way to improve your truck’s performance. Remember, no machine, be it a truck or bike, will continue working forever without routine maintenance. They need some regular maintenance to keep running.

Planned preventative maintenance improves the performance of any truck. This is the best you can do. These routine checkups can include servicing, tire interchanging, inspections, and minor repairs to ensure your vehicle’s continued performance. You can request routine maintenance from SRB Equipment – a Truck and trailer repair shop that offers customers superior services and parts.

Important: Key Benefits of a Following Regular Truck Maintenance Schedule

Switch to Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is better for your truck than conventional oil. Conventional oil can provide adequate lubrication performance but can’t compete with the overall engine performance and protection of synthetics. Choosing synthetic oil can help reduce wear between engine parts and increase fuel and efficiency.

Synthetic oil is a good choice over conventional oil when operating in extreme temperatures — very hot or cold environments, heavy traffic, and hauling or towing heavy loads.

Watch Out For Your Tires

Tires can easily increase or decrease the performance of trucks. If you want the most performance out of your vehicle, ensure it has the right tires for the trailer or truck. Choose a tire that combines strength, longevity, temperature resistance, and road grip to suit your trucking needs.

Before choosing a tire, always consider the truck’s make, model, year, and trim level for a better selection of tires. A Truck and trailer repair shop can help you locate the correct size for your truck.

Get an Aftermarket Exhaust

An aftermarket exhaust can unleash the potential of your engine. It provides an efficient route for your engine’s exhaust gases to escape, allowing it to breathe more easily. By improving the airflow through the system, aftermarket exhausts reduce the energy wasted in the system. This leads to better fuel efficiency and an increase in horsepower by anywhere from 10% to 20%. You will notice a robust exhaust sound if you set up a high-quality aftermarket exhaust.

Install a Cold Air Intake.

Cold-air intakes are the easiest way to increase your heavy-duty truck’s effectiveness and power. They draw air into your engine compartment from the outside. Because colder air is denser and denser air contains more oxygen, the air outside your engine compartment is cooler and denser. More oxygen allows for more fuel combustion. Intakes are also designed to reduce the pipes’ unwanted turbulence and airflow resistance.

Get an Engine Tuner

An engine tuner will optimize quiet running, easy shifting, and a healthy balance of power and fuel economy. Connect with a truck and trailer repair shop that offers custom engine tuning. You could see an increase in horsepower depending on the make and model of heavy-duty truck you have and the engine size.

High-Flow Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converters are best at reducing emissions. It can do so by creating a chemical reaction between multiple metals and exhaust. Catalytic Converters use a less dense internal cell count and increased volume surrounding the catalyst. Combined with other exhaust modifications, a catalytic converter increases the airflow capabilities of your engine to create more power.

Final words

These are some things you can do to increase the performance of your truck. At SRB Equipment, We have expertise in enhancing the truck’s performance. We are well known in Edmonton for truck routine maintenance, engine repair, trailer repair, and many other services that save you time and earn more! You can also contact us for roadside assistance!