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Heavy trucks have fluids and fuel flowing with severe chances of a spark igniting in the engine. Most truck owners do regular truck maintenance, but there is more to it. The longer you drive the truck, the longer the chance of the electrical system failing if you ignore the signs of damaged electrical issues in your truck.

This blog talks about the issues you can see in your truck, which gives you an idea that your truck is facing some serious electrical issues. Read this to find out how you can fix your truck’s major electrical issues.

1. A burning Smell.

When wiring is burnt, it often gives a very pungent smell which is easily recognized. Heavy trucks have a lot of electrical components, and there is a high chance that the electrical wire will burn. If you get this burning small, you must turn off the engine and your truck’s power. If you don’t do so, there are chances that the fire will spread, and the whole truck can be damaged.

2. Visual Inspection.

The simplest and easiest way to identify any problem with your truck is by visually checking if there are any wires damaged. See if the wires are rubbed and if the connections are loose. This is the base for identifying the issues. If you find any problem in this inspection, you can have a detailed inspection done by a mechanic.

3. Flickering Lights.

You cannot risk the flickering light of your dashboard or even your taillights. The flickering of light can be a serious electrical issue. You may consider replacing the bulbs to solve the issue, but sometimes the electrical system suffers from the surges that your truck lights cannot compensate for. In most cases, the second issue is the main issue. You cannot solve this yourself, so consider checking it with a professional by taking your truck to a truck repair shop.

4. Malfunctioning of Electronics.

You can experience huge issues if your electronics malfunction, which can cause a complete breakdown of your vehicle. Check if your alternator and battery are functioning properly to identify this issue. The next step is to check the wiring and the harnesses for wear or damage. If you do not see any issues, you can use a tool to continue identifying the error. After identifying, you can go ahead and see the manufacturer’s guide to repair or replace the part but make sure you take a professional mechanic’s help to repair your parts.

5. Fuse Blow.

Fuse protects the electrical system in your heavy trucks by controlling the excess current. If the excess current travels through the fuse, it will blow. Fuse protects the other components connected to the circuit, and that’s why when the fuse is blown, the circuit opens.
If you see fuse blow is common in your system, you seriously need to check other components as they are more likely to be damaged due to a blown fuse. In this case, take your truck to the repair shop and get an in-depth checking and repair of the damaged parts.

6. Alternator and Battery Problem.

The battery is the most important component in your heavy truck, and not always a battery dying means there is a big issue. However, a partly charged or dead battery can be a sign of a major issue. If this problem is not solved, your other components are not likely to function smoothly. In case you feel your battery is perfectly in good condition, then do check your alternator. Your alternator keeps the battery charged when the engine is working. If there is an issue with the alternator, it will create a problem, so take your truck to a mechanic in Edmonton, and he will repair the damaged alternator.

Final Note.

Electrical systems are very vital and cannot be ignored once found damaged. It is not very difficult to understand the electrical system issue, as you can easily diagnose and repair the same. For all your electrical system repairs, you can rely on SRB Equipment for a complete inspection and repair.