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Your Semi-truck needs an expert diesel mechanic who will guarantee the high-quality repair of your truck. In Edmonton, we have the best truck repair mechanic with years of experience with hundreds of trucks already dealt with..

You do not want to wait on the side of the road due to a poorly maintained truck. Regular truck repair by experts is necessary to ensure your truck and your journey are smooth.

In today’s blog, we will cover the complete details of how you can receive the best truck repair service in Edmonton and everything you need to consider.

How Often Should You See a Diesel Mechanic?

Prevention is better than cure, and it perfectly applies to your truck. Money on maintenance and minor repairs is much more efficient than spending when the problem occurs. You will spend more money on repairs than on the maintenance of your truck. We at SRB Equipment recommend you see a diesel mechanic at least once every 6 months or 10,000 km, whichever is earlier.

This is the estimated time for the truck repair, but your truck repair depends on the use of the truck. Heavy truck usage will lead to truck repair more often than normal usage.

What Does a Diesel Truck Maintenance Visit Include?

To ensure your truck is completely healthy, SRB equipment provides the following services in Diesel truck maintenance.

1. Fuel and air filter replacement
2. Electric systems
3. Additional fluid levels
4. Oil and coolants
5. Engine
6. Brakes

Why is Regular Maintenance of The Truck Necessary?

If you have a regular maintenance schedule for your truck, you are likely to avoid facing the breakdown of your truck which will affect the service of your truck and a problem for your business.

Your truck’s lifespan is extended when you give it a check regularly and avoid taking it to the repair shop only when big harm is the cause. Your trucks are expensive, so take good care of them.

Maintaining your truck ensures good mileage and increased durability, and you can understand any future issues.

Things You Should Do in Between The Bookings?

During the bookings of your maintenance, you can do these things to prevent further damage to your vehicle.

  • Monitor truck oil levels
  • Avoid corrosion of the truck body
  • Check the inflation in the truck’s tire
  • Avoid stop-start

Why Should You Choose SRB Equipment Diesel Mechanic?

1. Ability to Handle All Tasks

Our Diesel mechanic has various ways to inspect your truck and understand the real issue, and suggest repairs to the parts.

On average, a diesel mechanic will spend time inspecting every part of your truck to understand which part needs a repair. They understand your business well and do not waste time figuring out the problem alone. Quick repair service is the first motto of our diesel mechanic.

2. Highly Experienced

Your expensive vehicle deserves the right care a highly experienced diesel mechanic can provide. Once you bring your truck to SRB Equipment, our diesel mechanic does an in-depth evaluation of the truck and pays close attention to the work to understand the damage that happened. Someone who is trained and qualified to work on heavy trucks every day will be able to understand your truck problem and provide instant repair.

3. Wide Range of Vehicles Tested

You may think of Diesel trucks as heavy passengers, but this is just a part. A Diesel mechanic has expertise in the following.

  • Repairing heavy vehicles like semi-trucks
  • Inspecting heavy trucks in-depth to avoid future damage

More than this, a diesel mechanic is well-equipped to repair your heavy truck.

Final Take

When you are looking to book your appointment with a Diesel Mechanic, you make sure that the mechanic is well-qualified to handle your semi-truck. SRB equipment clears all this for you by providing top-notch quality. We suggest you see a diesel mechanic at least once in six months to ensure your Semi-truck is in good health to run smoothly. You can quickly book an appointment online or call us at 780-447-0600.