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You know when you start the engine of your heavy-duty truck, and it instantly starts operating at a high temperature within seconds. If you don’t look into it carefully and the temperature increases, then there is a high chance that the engine starts melting over time, giving you heavy truck radiator repair and a big hole in your pocket. To turn down this, the truck has a cooling system repair. However, when the cooling system is not working properly and has been damaged, it shows some indications you need to identify. Before we know if the cooling system is damaged, let’s first see what the cooling system repairs.

Cooling system repair

Cooling system repair in your truck is a way to keep your engine cool and avoid overheating. Without the cooling system, your engine will be damaged soon due to the heat it generates. When your cooling system is not working properly, it may show indications that it needs repairing immediately.

Indicators that your heavy-duty truck radiator needs a repair for the cooling system.

1. White Smoke

The most common and easiest way to detect the repair is by not ignoring what comes from your truck. White smoke is an indication of immediate cooling repair. Often the smoke comes from beneath the hood or from the puffs. Notice that if the smoke comes from beneath the hood, the immediate step is to pull over and turn off the engine. There might be a leak in the internal coolant leak when the smoke comes from the tailpipe.

2. Increased temperature gauge

The easiest way to understand that your system cooling is not working is by checking the temperature indicator on your dashboard. It will turn red if the cooling system is not working and it cannot manage the temperature.

3. Leak Visible

A leak in your coolant is easily visible if you see the driveway. It is green, and the fluid smells sweet. You can see it leaking from your truck, and that is the time you must immediately take your truck to the repair shop.

4. Level Coolant is low

You must check the coolant level before you start driving your heavy-duty truck. Low coolant can be a sign of leaking coolant, which needs to be repaired.

How to solve the problem of radiators in the heavy-duty truck?

If you own a truck, you must know that your radiator is crucial to your truck’s work. The coolant cools your truck’s temperature and prevents it from overheating. The coolant will pump back the cooled air in the system to ensure the temperature is not increasing. When your radiator is in danger, it will definitely affect your coolant. This leads to a truck breakdown in the middle of the road, which is not a pleasant experience for any on-duty truck owner. So, what should you do if your heavy-duty radiator has an issue? When you notice that your radiator is leaking and the coolant system is not working efficiently, it is time to call the specialist to repair the coolant immediately. Driving such a truck is difficult and risky, and it can cause more damage, resulting in costly repairs. The professional will either plug the leaked part or, in case of severity, they will replace it. Don’t invite extra issues to your truck; take it to a heavy-duty truck repair shop.

What is the solution when your truck becomes too hot?

If you are driving and don’t notice the radiator damage earlier and see that the temperature is increasing, then do this. Quickly stop your truck on the side of the road. Carefully remove the truck hood but don’t touch the radiator, which can be too hot to handle. Then you can call our expert to check your truck’s radiator problem. They have experience, so it’s better to let them handle it quickly rather than do DIY. SRB Equipment is an experienced heavy-duty truck repair shop that will professionally handle your truck.