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Everyone wants to protect their semi-truck from the damages that occur unintentionally. There are many hazards out on the road or rough driving conditions that can cause an accident or damage your semi-truck. However, equipment failure and avoiding regular truck maintenance are the main reason behind many semi-truck accidents or damages.

Any damage to a vehicle, regardless of who is at fault, is likely very costly for the fleet owners or truck drivers. To help protect against financial loss from semi-truck damage, it’s essential to be aware of the most common things that can cause damage to semis trucks. This knowledge will help drivers and fleet owners avoid as many of these costly truck repairs as possible.

SRB Equipment brings back some of the most crucial information about the things that cause damage to your semi-truck. Here is the list:

1. Equipment Failure

Truck drivers must inspect their truck’s equipment before each trip to ensure everything is working fine. Remember, even a smaller thing on the road can damage your semi truck or cause an accident. Below are some of the most common types of equipment failure for semi trucks.

  • Brake Failure
    A loose brake or no brake could be the most horrifying thing on the road. A complete inspection of the truck brakes helps prevent accidents.
  • Tire Blowouts
    Tire blowouts are a common but terrible issue that every truck driver may face. It causes damage not only to the truck but also to others on the road.
  • Loose Wheels or Lug Nuts
    You may also face an accident if your wheels are loose or the lug nuts are loose. Losing a wheel while it is in motion can cause damage to your semi truck and the people or vehicles around you.
  • Steering Problems
    Steering problems can also cause damage to your semi-truck. Your steering requires regular maintenance to ensure you have optimal control over the semi-truck.
  • Suspension Failure
    Suspension problems may also damage your semi-truck. Suspension issues can make it nearly impossible to control the vehicle, leading to an accident. It can also cause premature wear and tear on the tires.

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2. Hazardous Driving Conditions

Bad weather conditions and road hazards can create hazardous driving conditions for truck drivers. Rain, dust storms, wind, or fog can reduce driver visibility and skew reaction time to obstacles in the road. At the same time, poorly maintained roads that are uneven, filled with potholes, or bumpy can cause tire failure or suspension problems and force drivers to change lanes to move to the wrong lane.

Moreover, debris in the road can also cause tire failure, leading vehicles to slow suddenly, spinning, or sliding out of control unexpectedly, not giving truck drivers ample time to respond accordingly.

3. Avoiding Preventive Maintenance

You can benefit a great deal from installing regular truck maintenance programs. While preventive maintenance has several benefits that favor you and your semi-truck, avoiding preventative maintenance has many disadvantages. Ignoring preventive maintenance may

  • Decrease the lifespan of your truck
  • Decrease mileage
  • Early damages to your engine and other equipment
  • Increased operational costs
  • Driver faces unexpected breakdowns and many more.

With SRB Equipment’s truck maintenance services, you can rest assured that your truck remains in top condition and is handled by a professional team. Here are 5 Basic Maintenance Tips for your Truck

4. Cargo Problems

Overloaded trailers or faulty cargo tie-downs are common reasons behind hard steering, unbalanced vehicles, more fuel needed, and low braking power. Heavy braking or sharp turning combined with an unbalanced cargo load can cause a truck to lose control, jackknife, or even roll over. Load the truck according to the capacity and load properly. It’s good to avoid extra weight just because of a few dollars.

5. Sidewalks and Curbs

While taking sharp turns, it’s essential to avoid hitting the curb. A sharp turn will knock your wheels out of alignment, but you could also damage suspension, including busting a spring. It would be best if you never drove over curbs or sidewalks. Bring your semi truck to SRB Equipment for a suspension check if you accidentally hit the curb.

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A good truck owner should remember all the rules and things that can damage their semi-truck. Furthermore, The safety of your semi truck should be your priority because it’s your truck that helps you to pay your bills and buy household things. Stay connected for more information about truck repair, truck maintenance tips, and more.