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Driving a commercial vehicle requires getting the vehicle inspected under the commercial vehicle inspection program (CVIP). You will now be able to get it done by any certified truck repair shop like SRB Equipment, which will help you get done with all the CVIP procedures of inspection.

In Edmonton, commercial vehicles, truck tractors, semi-trailers, and light truck trailers need an annual CVIP inspection. The vehicles weighing 11,794 or more and operating in Edmonton must complete the CVIP annually.

Apart from fulfilling the CVIP conditions, having a smooth working of your vehicle is also mandatory. CVIP will provide tremendous benefits by increasing your vehicle parts’ life and keeping them healthy.

Every commercial vehicle driver must conduct CVIP; therefore, many of you might be concerned about this cost. This Blog will give you a complete breakdown of the factors that affect the price of Commercial Vehicle Inspection.

Factor 1 – Brakes

The Specific Brakes system has a huge impact on the cost of CVIP. According to the latest rules, more than visual verification of Brakes is needed to check the quality and conditions of the brakes.

Earlier visual examination of the brakes was enough, but then it raised questions on the complete check of the brakes. Often oil and grease contaminants are present in the air brakes, which makes it necessary to get the wheels out and do a complete inspection from the inside.

The new guidelines make it necessary for drivers to get the wheels out of the hydraulic and electric brakes. The cost of this inspection process of brakes is a flat rate based.

Factor 2 – Cost of Vehicle Parts

The primary purpose of the CVIP inspection is to inspect the condition of the commercial vehicle and check the working of every part of it. During this inspection, if a certain part of the vehicle is not in good condition and needs repairing, then the mechanic will repair it, and therefore, the cost will fluctuate as per the repair of a certain part.

You don’t have to worry about any sudden cost change, as the mechanic will discuss the cost with you beforehand.

The truck companies follow the CVIP guidelines, so you are carefree about the charges in the process. Fair and lawfully guided charges will only be charged to complete the repair of any vehicle part.

Factor 3 – Repairing and Inspection Time

The time for the CVIP process for every vehicle may vary based on different factors. Every vehicle may vary in model, components, and working of each vehicle. A vehicle with complex components and multiple part repairs may take more time than the other with no repairing of parts and just inspection.
For instance, if the inspection and regular maintenance has not been done regularly, the mechanic may face an issue getting the parts out for inspection. This will, in turn, increase the inspection time by the truck company.

A licensed truck & trailer repair shop will carry out all the procedures to complete the CVIP process by itself. From inspecting to repairing, everything will be done in one place, so you don’t have to take your vehicle to a different place to get your inspection done.

The Average Cost Of CVIP in Edmonton

The cost of CVIP depends upon various factors, as discussed above in this Blog. There are a lot of cost factors that may increase the cost of the average CVIP. This is why it becomes difficult for any truck repair shop to give you an estimated cost for the process. However, if you are looking for a certified, experienced CVIP truck repair shop with the best facilities in Edmonton, then SRB Equipment shop is the best choice.

SRB Equipment provide a complete solution to CVIP with the best equipment and qualified, experienced mechanics. The equipment is advanced, so you get an accurate inspection every time.

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