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Trailers are the backbone of the transportation world. Without them, our life’s necessities wouldn’t get where they need to be. But Unfortunately, the trailer tire is one of the most neglected vehicular components rolling down the highway. Some fleet managers need to learn there are trailer-specific tires, which should never be substituted with truck or car tires.

Having the right tires on your trailer is essential for hassle-free and successful transportation or road trips. As it is about safety and efficiency, always choose the right one. We’ve compiled some quick trailer tire tips to help you avoid issues and pick the right trailer tires for your needs.

Some Points That Will Help You To Choose The Right Trailer Tire Are.

Load rating of the tire:

Every trailer tire can handle only a particular amount of weight. So, drivers need to understand the upper and lower limit of the tire before choosing the carriage. Generally, the trailer tire load range is expressed in letters from B to F. Tires categorized into the B category hold the least weight. However, the tires in the F category can handle the heavyweight. You have to make sure about your towing requirement while choosing the load range of the trailer tires.

Compatibility of the tire:

Before finalizing the trailer tire, ensure the compatibility of the tire with the trailer. Every trailer has its manufacturer manual where you can find the needed information. If you cannot find or lose the manual, it is better to ask the mechanic to find the necessary details. You can contact SRB Equipment anytime. We are the best truck and trailer shop in Edmonton and hold expertise in trailer repair, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, and much more.

Size of the tire:

Trailer tire size is one of the biggest concerns when selecting the tire for the trailer. You have to ensure that the wheel size matches and supports the trailer. You will find letters and numbers on the trailers recommending the size of the trailer tires. These numbers will indicate the tire weight in millimeters, height represented in percentage, and the radial. You have to check and consider it while choosing the trailer tire.

How to Make Trailer Tires Last

Trailer tires can last 10,000-12,000 miles. However, a tire’s life may vary depending on its quality, the road type, and the load weight. To increase the life of the trailer tire, consider these helpful tips.

Manage accurate air pressure.

Trailer tire longevity begins with proper air pressure. Once a month or before a lengthy journey, ensure that air pressure is where it should be. It will help you carry the carriage’s maximum weight and provide a peaceful trip. Just as important, keep all tires at the same pressure. Underinflation leads to poor fuel economy, decreases a tire’s handling, and much more.

Rotate your trailer tires every 5,000 to 6,000 Miles.

Just like your truck, rotating your trailer tires every 5,000 to 6,000 miles will allow the tires to wear as evenly as possible. It’s also worth keeping tabs on tread wear with a tread depth gauge. Generally, trailer tires should be replaced once the tread depth reaches 3/32 inches. It can save you from experiencing the kind of blow-out that causes fender, flooring, and body damage to the trailer.

Balance your wheels.

With time tire may get slightly off balance without you noticing a huge difference. Every tire has a spot that tends to be heavier, which can cause a vibration or create a difference in wheel balance while cruising down the road, leading to uneven tire wear. Tires are balanced using a particular machine and small weights. When your tires are rotated, it’s also a good idea to have them balanced. It’s a fast, easy process that costs much less when paired with rotation.

Trust the Experts

The experts at SRB Equipment are here to help you get the maximum life span out of your tires by offering tire balancing, rotations, and alignment services. If you need trailer repair service, we can provide them to get you back on the road. Schedule your service appointment by calling 780-447-0600 or scheduling your service online. SRB Equipment’s highly qualified professionals are available 24*7 for all your tire needs.