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Truck drivers deal with many weather-related challenges, especially in the winter. The winter months can easily put undue stress on truck and trailer components. While truck and trailer repairs are unavoidable, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your commercial vehicle feet are ready for the cold.

By taking on pre-trip checks and evaluating the performance of your heavy-duty truck’ components, you can avoid long-term maintenance challenges and save your business thousands of dollars. This latest post highlights why you must bring your truck to a truck repair shop before winter.

Fewer Accidents

If your vehicle is not ready for winter, it will not only cause financial problems but can also be a danger to the driver, their goods, pedestrians, and others on the road. For instance, If your vehicle does not have winter tires, it could decrease stopping ability on snow-filled roads, which, in turn, could increase the odds of a collision. Make sure to make your vehicle ready for the winter to avoid unexpected tragedies during winter. Not only does it prevent unexpected disasters, but it offers smoother daily operations.

Improve Visibility

A constant snowfall can damage your windshield, checking to ensure your wiper blades are working correctly is vital, and installing specialized winter wiper blades and winter windshield washer fluid is a good idea. These blades and fluids ensure high visibility during snow flow and protect you from accidents caused by poor visibility.

Prevent Cracked Belts

Winter season can crack and break belts and hoses, especially if they reach the end of their viability. The best recommendation is to check for damaged pulley bearings and to replace damaged belts. This time of year, simple belt or pulley replacements can save frustration and headaches during winter seasons.

Fewer Unexpected Breakdowns

Making your truck ready for the winter season reduces the number of vehicle breakdowns. Furthermore, breakdowns cause unexpected disruptions in your delivery schedule, forcing carriers to fall behind. After identifying an issue before the winter, do not wait to fix it! Perform a minor repair to avoid significant damage on snow filled roads.

Help to Stay Warm Your Vehicle

As you feel warm and comfortable while sitting in the cab of your truck, your engine feels the same way and will run a lot smoother with an engine heater. The engine heater ensures engine oil and components are warm enough to move as they should. At SRB Equipment, we repair and maintain truck engine and encourage you to consider having your engine heater tested and updated as necessary.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Unsurprisingly, unexpected breakdowns disrupt business operations, resulting in inconsistent delivery times. In the worst case, a simple breakdown potentially results in the loss of prestigious clients. We know it took years and hard work to gain the trust of your prestigious client. These clients could be the pillar of any company. You can remain trustworthy in your customer’s eye by contacting a heavy duty truck repair shop before winter hits the roads.

Boosts Productivity and Manages Business Downtime

Business downtimes can cause a negative impact that leaves your operation reeling. Trying to make up for a missed delivery because your vehicle broke down can delay fulfilling succeeding obligations. When you deliver goods as scheduled, your reputation and brand trust improve. Keeping your commercial vehicle in good condition helps you avoid operational delays and maximize productivity.

Reduced Operating Cost

Lessening the number of significant repairs is one crucial facet of reduced operating costs. Winter-ready commercial trucks, operating at optimal functionality, also lower your business fuel expenses and insurance bills. Furthermore, increasing the life of your commercial truck compounds your initial vehicle investment.

Pre-Trip Maintenance Checklist

A commercial operating vehicle with diesel engines in the winter presents its own challenges outside the regular requirements for fleets. However, preparing in advance and regularly checking your vehicles can help to make your operations run more smoothly. Moreover, starting preparations in advance can help to kickstart your operations when the first snow hits, so you don’t miss a beat.

Read more tips about how to prepare your diesel truck for Canadian winters. This blog contains some ways to prepare your commercial truck for winter conditions. Which helps you to save time, reduce maintenance cost and increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

Bottom Line

We understand winter is a terrible time to be standing on the snow-filled road dealing with truck failure. SRB Equipment is committed to keeping as many commercial vehicles as possible on the road and running smoothly. We are a commercial truck repair shop providing mechanical services seven days a week and mobile service trucks. Contact us now to find out more about the service options available.