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The worst nightmare for a truck owner could be that the truck might break in the middle of the road leaving all your deliveries and other work consignments due.

These sudden repairs can not only be costly but can negatively impact the faith of your customers in your service when you aren’t able to accomplish the work targets on time.

However, it is crucial to know that a vehicle never stops working all of a sudden. All along this time, it gives particular signs that you or your driver must have ignored, indicating the future tragedy.

Therefore, in order to avoid future emergencies, as a truck owner or a truck driver, you must know the signs that directly indicate that you need to take the truck to repair as soon as possible.

Signs Indicate that your Truck Needs Repair.

Look out for these to be sure that your truck might need repair:

Fluid Leakage

Your truck is fine as long as your Truck fluids are flowing in their proper pathway. However, if you suspect any leakage in the engine, power steering, engine coolant fluids, leaking compressed air, etc., your truck really needs to see a professional. Engine leakage is considered one of the most severe issues, as it can affect the overall functioning of the whole truck. Check the following leakages that can influence the truck working:

  • Compressed Air Leakage can cause a delay in vehicle stops. This issue can be very risky when the vehicle is at high speed and requires abrupt emergency halts.
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage in the power steering system can cause a loss of control over the steering wheel by wearing the pump belt.
  • Transmission Fluid Leakage can increase truck fuel consumption, cause difficulty in gear change, and raise the engine temperature to problematic levels.
  • Coolant system leakage overheats the engine and requires coolant flushes and antifreeze.
  • Leakage in engine oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also cause friction in the mechanical parts, which is very harmful.

That’s why it is essential to check the fluid levels from time to time and visit a truck repair service in case of leakage.

Exhaustive Emissions

Emissions are significant indicators of whether the truck is in sound condition. Changes in the color of the emissions are usually problematic and can indicate:

  • The release of excessive black smoke is usually due to excessive fuel combustion due to faulty fuel injectors.
  • Excessive white smoke is usually due to less than usual or required fuel burning due to leakage of coolant in the engine.
  • The release of excessive Grey or Blue smoke is usually due to leakage of oil on critical seal points in the engine leading to oil burning.

If any of the above changes in the color of smoke is detected, report the issue to the technician who can carry the required measures.

Strange Noises

It is the easiest to understand and the most obvious sign that something is Off with your truck. Nowadays, modern trucks don’t make much noise while driving. However, a faulty vehicle that has some issues must make unusual noises. It means that you need to inspect your truck and look out for anything unusual or damaged in your truck. Even if you cannot spot any issue, it’s better to take your vehicle for repair and report the issue to the Edmonton truck repair shop.

Bad Mileage

If you notice that your truck is consuming more fuel than it used for traveling a similar distance, it is time to inspect the vehicle. There is no single reason why a vehicle starts consuming more fuel, as it can be anything like a change in air pressure in tires, sticking of brake pad, etc. Therefore, the reason could be minor or something serious. Make sure to take the vehicle to a Truck repair shop if you notice a change in the fuel consumption levels.

Dashboard Lights

Dashboard lights are a great reminder that something is off with your vehicle. These Flashing lights can indicate minor and even major issues with your vehicle. Listed below are the standard dashboard lights for semi trucks;

  • Engine Oil Level
  • Coolant Level
  • Brake Pressure
  • Transmission Warning
  • Airbags and Seatbelts
  • Engine Warning
  • Engine Oil Pressure
  • Tire Pressure
  • Voltage Warning

End Note:

As you can see, these symptoms can slowly develop into significant issues if not fixed on time. Having a keen eye and looking out for these symptoms is essential. If you spot any of these signs, take your truck to a trustable truck service and avoid these truck repair mistake.

For that, you can trust SRB equipment. We are the Best Edmonton truck repair shop. Bring your truck today for repairs and maintenance.