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The worst nightmare as a Truck driver could be helplessly sitting on the roadside with your broken Truck. The suffering could be beyond imagination when you are in a distant location in the upsetting night hours. Managing some help in this situation can be very difficult.

So, it is imperative to know what are the possible reasons that can end up in this situation. Read this blog to understand the most common Truck Failure Problems.

Engine Overheat

Engine Overheating is the foremost reason for truck failure. The engine Failure can, in turn, cause further problems that can induce excessive damage to the vehicle. The trouble in the gasket or something else problematic in the fuel tank can cause engine overheating. If this overheating isn’t addressed in the initial stages, it can only lead to Truck failure. That’s why it is necessary to show the Truck to the technician in the early stages so that they can obstruct the excessive damage.

U-Joint failure

U-joints are necessary for proper vehicle working as they transfer power from the transmission to the differentiator. You must know that the U-joints work well only if they are well-lubricated, and in that case, the chances of wear and tear are minimal, ensuring smooth mobility. However, U-joint failure can damage the vehicle to a massive extent.

As a truck driver, you must ensure it works properly. You can hear the clicking sound or the vibration in the vehicle at a higher speed in case of J-joint failure. If you notice any of these, take your vehicle directly for repair and address the issue with the mechanic.

Brake Failure or Brake Fluid Leaks

Braking Issues are very common, especially in old trucks. Each and every day, the brakes lose their fine mobility due to excessive pressure exerted on them. If you don’t invest in timely brake repair service at least twice a year, your Truck might end up in unknown emergencies, considering sudden Brake failure the most hazardous. When your Truck’s brakes start losing their form, you will notice a fall in the Truck’s performance. You can use this as a sign to schedule Regular Truck Repair Service.

Starter Problems:

It is common for starters to be a little problematic in the winter. However, they can cause difficulties on other days of the year, too, due to loose or corroded battery connections and even extreme damage to the battery. The reason isn’t always the battery. Sometimes the starter parts like broken armatures, worn brushes, or coil windings can increase the friction by withdrawing excessive current and causing the magnets to rub against each other. The Starter can brake at once or even slowly, causing the Truck failure.

Wheel Bearing:

Wheel Bearings are essential to maintain proper and minimum friction for the wheels. However, in the case of faulty wheel bearings, the friction can increase, and clearly, vehicle performance can affect. However, you can avoid the massive damage by noticing that the wheel bearings aren’t causing any noise; if they do, it’s time to change as they have lost their activity. Along with this, sudden jerking can also correspond to wheel bearing degradation.Contact now¬† SRB Equipment for wheel alignment in Edmonton.


Lastly, we must say that, in order to avoid sudden Truck Failure, you should first invest in Routine Truck Repair Services. With this, the mechanic can repair all the faults before the damage blocks the normal functioning of the Truck.

Secondly, if you are stuck in the situation of standing in the middle of the road with your Truck that can take you nowhere, make sure to contact a reliable truck repair service. If you are somewhere near Edmonton, SRB Equipment – Truck and Trailer Repair Shop can help you. We are professionals and hold expertise in truck repair.