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The suspension, which truck drivers mostly ignore, needs attention from time to time. A worn-out suspension system prevents you from controlling the vehicle when you stop or turn, which can lead to a catastrophic accident that can be avoided with proper care and repair of your suspension system.

Tie rod ends, suspension bushings, shocks, and struts are just a few parts that naturally wear out over time and must be changed to keep heavy-duty trucks running comfortably and safely. Here are some of the most common heavy-duty truck suspension problems and how to fix them.

An Uncomfortable Ride

You notice that your heavy-duty truck has suddenly become less comfortable to drive! The suspension protects you from the road’s severe vibrations. If you’re suddenly experiencing every bump, one component you need to examine is the suspension of your heavy-duty truck. The suspension absorbs the shock of the potholes and offers you a comfortable ride.

Truck Pulling One Side When You Are Driving

Wear and tear of the tire or improper alignment can be the reason behind a one-side truck pulling but after rechecking the tire and the problem persists, check your suspension system. The suspension system can also lead your vehicle to one side pulling. If you need more clarification about the suspension problem, you should see a competent technician since suspension issues can quickly become dangerous.

Experience Hardships When Driving Over Bumps

The main job of the suspension system is to make your ride comfortable by absorbing the shock of rough roads to provide a smooth ride. If you start to feel every bump in the road, shock absorbers or struts fail and must change.

Shock absorbers are designed to keep your wheels even and flat on the potholes, and the truck will bounce all over the place if they don’t. Shock absorbers have fluid, and when they leak, their performance becomes low; after some, they need to change. Excessive bouncing may be a sign of an issue with leaf springs. If you find problems with the shock absorbers and leaf springs, contact the best truck repair shop as soon as possible.

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One Corner Of Your Truck is Low.

If one corner of your truck seems much lower than the others, you most likely have a worn or broken spring. When driving over a deep pothole, you may hear a clunking sound, and The reason behind this issue is the interaction between the shock and the spring. A sudden shock may push the spring to over-compress.

Ensure your tires have proper pressure and carriage weight is evenly distributed. Moreover, if one corner continues to sag, place your total weight on the truck’s boot and see how the suspension responds. If you hear a cracking or screaming sound, you have a suspension issue and need to contact a truck repair shop.

Steering Wheel Play or Loose Handling

Your heavy-duty truck’s suspension and steering are inextricably connected. If a section of your suspension breaks, your pickup truck may offer you loose handling. Various factors, including suspension problems, low power steering fluid, or worn control arm bushings, may cause this. These are challenging removal issues. You’ll need a professional truck repair shop to handle losing handling of your truck.

Professional Heavy-Duty Truck Suspension Repair

Putting your truck’s suspension repair in the hands of SRB Equipment has its benefits. Some of these are:

Accurate Diagnostics:

we have the latest tools or equipment to find and deliver accurate diagnostics for every repair.

Fast Service:

The suspension or any repairs will be made as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Top-Notch Components:

We have our steering and suspension components from top-notch companies like Mack, Peterbilt, and Kenworth.

Cost Effective:

When we repair, you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. We’re dedicated to the highest quality service at the most affordable rates.

Peace of Mind:

A quick, accurate, and cost-effective service will provide you peace of mind.

Final Words

Now you know the signs of suspension problems, so respond promptly. A timely response will avoid unexpected breakdowns and can avoid expensive repairs. To learn more or suspension repair, call SRB Equipment. We have experts and professional mechanics who can handle heavy-duty and semi-truck repairs. We are also known as a trailer repair shop. Call us today!