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Whether you just bought a new truck or have owned one for several years, preventive truck maintenance is essential to increase the truck’s life span. It is an efficient way to keep your vehicle running reliably and reduce the risk of breakdown. It will allow you to catch problems early before they convert to major. Thus, knowing the proper maintenance tips is indeed crucial.

At SRB Equipment, we understand how regular truck Maintenance can impact your business growth. That’s why we’ve come up with five crucial tips to help keep your truck running at its best for years to come. Let’s know about them.

1. Pay Attention To Your Fluids

  • Engine oil: Every engine needs fresh oil to prevent early breakdown. Engine oil lubricates the engine’s components which helps components to work smoothly. However, after some time of running, engine oil can easily become contaminated with dust and dirt. Engine oil needs to be changed at regular intervals. If you don’t replace your oil, friction on the engine will increase, which produces a high risk of severe engine failure.
  • Engine coolant: Engine coolant is crucial as engine oil. By keeping your coolant topped up and balanced with the right chemicals, you can avoid problems like engine overheating and coolant freezing.
  • Window washer fluid ‍: Window washer fluid is also essential, especially in winter or snowy roads. Dust and moisture can easily accumulate on the windshield, making it hard to see. Ensuring a full windshield fluid reservoir is not only a safe practice but also protects the windshield, as a clean windshield is less prone to damage.

2. Replace Filters Regularly

No doubt, filters are essential to preventative maintenance and must be replaced regularly to ensure that your engine receives healthy fuel. A dirty filter will reduce or stop the fuel flow to the engine. An inconsistent fuel flow will decrease engine performance and deteriorate engine condition.

Air filters help to breathe the engine in clean air, so they need to be changed regularly, and the frequency depends on the environment in which you drive. Desert and dusky roads often require air filter changes, whereas a clean highway gives you more time to replace the air filter. The air filter also maintains the airflow, which increases engine performance.

3. Avoiding Problems on the Body of your Truck

Corrosion may be the main reason why trucks retire earlier. Driving in different weather or environments and carrying different kinds of goods can increase the speed of corrosion. Slow it down and extend the lifespan of your truck by taking note of these easy steps:

Do regular washing: Washing your trucks every ten days cleans your truck and slows down the rusting process. Moreover, wash your vehicle immediately after rain. It can easily corrode the chassis as rain pollutants.

Have good quality paint – A durable and well-sealed coat of paint will also help keep your truck a stable body.

Avoid driving into the mud: because they collect contaminants, which can cause heavy corrosion on your truck’s body and undercarriage.

4. Maintain Air Pressure in Tyres

Flat tires are a burden on fuel efficiency and can be a risk to safety because they are more inclined to blowouts or untimely tread wear. Flat tires or low-pressure tires force engines to produce more power, thus increasing the chances of engine damage and fuel consumption. You can save 5% on your fuel bill by inflating your tires. You can find your truck’s tyre pressure in the user manual of the truck or by asking any truck repair shop.

5. Inspect The Radiator

A vehicle’s radiator collects the engine’s heat and throws it into the external environment. Not only this, but it also allows cool, clean air intake, which works to prevent your engine from overheating. Heavy-duty truck engines generate a lot of heat while on the road, and a faulty radiator might limit heat transmission and, as a result, cause complete engine damage. It’s critical to maintain the radiator in good working order. Radiator helps the engine decrease its temperature, which ultimately increases the engine’s or truck’s life span.

Final Words

Now you know how to take care of your truck. Preventive maintenance should be a top concern to keep you on the road. Our team here at SRB Equipment has years of experience with truck and trailer service and maintenance. Get the most out of your truck and save time and money by putting a bit of effort upfront into your regular truck Maintenance plan.